Professional Coaching Services

Results Oriented.

As an experienced professional, you’ve worked hard to educate yourself and have put in the hours to move up the ranks by taking on larger projects and bigger leadership roles. You understand that the best leaders are the ones who surround themselves with the smartest teams.

Only what can you do when you hit a roadblock?  

A career obstacle at work that no matter how you try, you can't seem to navigate through it?

Over the course of your career you’ve likely put together the best project teams, the best idea and implementation teams...and you’ve seen the tremendous results and progress that expert knowledge and insights can create.

That's where coaching comes in.

We’ll show you what steps to take to optimize your professional potential.

 Straight talk. Real solutions.

Professional Coaching Services

Action oriented.

"I had an honor to connect with Lauren on business level! I would like to share my 100% personal and business recommendation for her and her business! Follower her, talk to her, listen to her, she wonderful!"  

Mariam Thompson, HR Business Owner

"Lauren is an outstanding recruiter and an intuitive coach. She builds relationships between companies and people and works hard to find the right fit for both parties and she does it with integrity, kindness, professionalism and determination."

- N. Radawick, HR Vice President, Michigan

"My first experience with Lauren was utilizing her recruitment services, when it comes to recruitment, she goes out of her way to ensure that she is finding you top talent that will best fit the opportunity within your organization. My most recent experience with Lauren was utilizing her as a career coach and I could not have had a better person to have worked with."

L. Yaldo, HR Director, Auburn Hills Michigan

"Wonderful experience. Lauren is so enthusiastic and kind and professional. She made me feel that 'I got this'. She made me feel comfortable and confident.

 I really appreciated her coaching and by the way~ I GOT THE JOB!!"

N. Toledo, Supply Chain Leader, Peoria, Illinois



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Key benefits to coaching...

♦️Define, develop and strengthen your personal brand so that the value you bring to any position is both sought after and respected

♦️Finally breakthrough to the next level within your existing firm or industry

♦️Know that you’re doing all the things you need to be doing to get the results you deserve

seeing our clients succeed gives us tremendous pride.

"I have had the privilege of working with Lauren for over 5 years -- she is more than a recruiter, she is a dedicated professional that is committed to truly understanding her clients' needs and working as a partner."

T. Carter |  corporate director of Human resources, wixom, Mi 

"I had the great fortune of meeting Lauren a couple of years ago when she and her team recruited me for my current position. She and her team are so awesome, they are are my first call when I need help filling a vacancy."

D. Plank | HR Manager | huntsville, al

"Last year, I was fortunate enough to receive multiple job offers; I wanted to make sure I made the best decision for my career and my family. I reached out to Lauren Rauch and she steered me through this important decision. I accepted the right position with confidence."

E. Marlene | Division Vice President, Group Strategy 

Our coaches provide employees with objective, unbiased, and actionable guidance:

helping them stay motivated,

manage stress,

and build resilience, all while giving them the tools they need to move forward

Frequently Asked Questions

how do I know that working with team rauch will make a difference for me?

Working with a career advisor at Team Rauch is a good fit for you if you are tired of hitting the same wall in your career and need help to move forward and get results. Personal trainers at the gym help you with techniques to get physical results, similarly your career coach is an expert to help you get results and see perspectives you might be overlooking with your career.  

How can I be sure that career coaching will be worth it for me?

Our clients know that the simple actionable step-by-step advice we recommend is vetted from real life scenarios that have already proven themselves with hundreds of past clients. So, while we cannot guarantee results (because the responsibility is yours as to how you prepare and perform in the interviews during your job search), we can give you peace of mind that investing in expert career guidance is a great way to gain a competitive edge and confidence that you are well prepared.

Can’t I just google for the guidance I need?

Our clients choose to work with a career advisor because they are simply not interested in wasting precious time scouring the internet only to find watered-down articles offering conflicting tips and YouTube videos with vague advice. They know that their time is valuable and they have peace of mind in knowing that by working with an experienced coach they will make the best decisions for their future and will get personalized advice that is relevant to their unique situation, appropriate for their extensive career experience and taking into consideration their goals and objectives.


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