Who or what inspired you to start your business?

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I’m always amazed at stories of how ordinary people can make a mark on the world, leave a legacy of impact- just by doing their work with an above average measure of caring. Whether it’s a famous story like the book “Fred” that tells the tale of an ordinary Postman who became legendary just because he infused his work with “heart”. My personal “aha” moment developed when, in 2009, the global economy was in dire straits and I had phone call after phone call with grown men my father’s age that were scared and desperate- their jobs had evaporated and they were stuck in homes and lifestyles that required a consistent income. The sound of their voices, the efforts to mask their grave anxiety, this resonated with me. This was the first time that I knew with certainty that what I had learned could be used to transform people’s fear into something else- a solid actionable game-plan to turn around their situation. It was empowering and exciting for me. I had discovered my life’s purpose. I am to encourage, inspire and equip professionals with the tools and knowledge they need in order to transform their careers. It is the most satisfying feeling in the world to KNOW that you’ve just impacted a person’s life with this positivity and proven plan for success. It makes me tremendously happy to help.  

Was there an ‘aha’ moment you knew this is what you were meant to be doing?


 In 2009 Like many, I had never lived through anything that could compare to those bleak days. In January 09 my division was eliminated without warning. Being unemployed during that crisis was beyond surreal. It was painful and it taught me empathy in an unforgettable way.

I’d love to say that I became an Entrepreneur out of Richard Branson-esque vision, or that I saw things with genius like Sara Blakely. But that’s a far, FAR cry from my reality. My business was born the day I was backed in a corner.
Today my work with Rauch & Associates stretches me, dares me to dream, and taunts me with fears of failure.

Pursuing your passion, as it turns out, is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting. But I press on, because somewhere along the way I realized this work is my CALLING and I have people that I can genuinely help. Our team has loyal clients that we love and we have people that we are uniquely able to help.

So I was inspired to start my business out of necessity but I am inspired to grow my business out of an authentic desire to help people.

Who or what inspired you to start your business?

I think genuinely caring about people, treating them like family despite the fact that we’ve never met, is the only way to go about business. You cannot live with principles like the “Golden Rule”, treating others as you wish to be treated, if you behave any other way. So when people call me, I give them my undivided attention. I listen with the mindset of “what can I possibly do to help them the most”? This seems to astound people. I think that it’s rare to find, even “weird” to find people who pause their day’s agenda to help yours. But for me, and for our firm, this is a core value. We focus on the longterm and with that mindset we strive to be the best recruiting partner, Coach, and professional friend that we can be. In the end, when my career is over, I think I’ll be the proudest of that aspect of how we do business at Rauch & Associates..

What do you think is normal that everyone else considers to be weird?

I believe that people are inherently good and I believe that all of us are simply trying to make an honest living and do right by our families. I believe that we have so much in common, our love for our families, our desire to make a difference, our desire to be loved and accepted… and our desire to live a live in alignment with our truest purpose. I believe that I am supposed to be here, as the leader of this firm, to not only recruit and fill critical positions for clients, but also to encourage those I work with along the journey. Encouragement is a magical thing, it infuses us with courage to do what we are capable of and helps us lead meaningful lives. I’m a huge believer in authenticity and encouragement.

What do you believe in above all else?

Most recently, Stefanie Sinn was a Senior Internal Recruiter for Major, Lindsey & Africa and Allegis Partners. She oversaw the internal recruiting process nationally for the administrative staff throughout both organizations and assists in recruiting executive search talent for Allegis Partners. Stefanie joined MLA in 2009 as an Administrator, where she performed extensive candidate research and assisted in initial candidate screenings and maintained the recruiting database. Before that, she worked as a Recruiting Coordinator at Arnold & Porter and a Recruiting Assistant at Steptoe & Johnson.
Stefanie earned her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management and Marketing from The University of Toledo.



Experienced, dynamic recruiting leader that values the diverse perspective of others to achieve common goals. Strong history of success, driven by ability to collaborate, build relationships, and operate with a growth mindset.
Throughout my 15+ years of experience, I have built lasting relationships with both clients and candidates and pride myself on connecting top talent with world class organizations. You will see our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and has earned a reputation of being a valued business partner.



All of us here at Team Rauch believe strongly that when people come to us, they’re in a place of need and vulnerability.

 It’s our mission to treat our clients and the candidates that we serve with the utmost kindness and respect, while giving them critical insights that can help them win a competitive advantage.  

We believe that being fair, truly having integrity, and going above and beyond for people isn’t A way of doing business- it’s the ONLY way that we do business.

 We believe that every interaction is our opportunity to be the most exceptional recruiting firm you’ve ever worked with. And if we achieve this mission, we’ll continue to grow and be very successful.
 We believe that it’s our genuine caring and authentic desire to help, as a true friend would, that sets us apart.  

what we believe. 

what sets us apart.


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Your Partner for Hard-to-Fill Positions



Your Partner for Hard-to-Fill Positions