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Given the considerable scope of jobs and professionals inhabiting the world of modern high tech industries, it is more important than ever that your search firm possesses a deep understanding of the distinct roles and functions of the jobs you need to fill.

It is especially crucial that your firm partners with you in a consultative manner. A collaborative headhunter has the ability to decipher your organization’s position requirements and quickly source candidates with corresponding experience, education and certifications to meet your hiring requirements.

Rauch and Associates is your seamless HR recruiting partner.

our approach

With a global reach and comprehensive capabilities, we cater to a wide range of recruitment needs.

For easy-to-fill, everyday positions, we offer a contingent recruitment service, which operates on a no-win, no-fee basis, with no obligation from either party. This contingent model is effective for straightforward, lower-level roles.

However, in cases where challenges arise, such as maintaining confidentiality, finding candidates in difficult locations, seeking niche skill sets, or dealing with urgent timelines, we recognize the importance of applying a search methodology.

Our search methodology enables us to address more complex recruitment scenarios, ensuring that we identify and deliver the best-suited talent for these critical positions.

We prioritize both the outcome for our clients and the candidate's journey with equal importance. Our commitment extends beyond successfully filling positions; we strive to create a positive and rewarding experience for candidates throughout the recruitment process. This approach ensures that not only do our clients find the right talent, but candidates also feel valued and supported throughout their interactions with us. By fostering a positive candidate journey, we aim to build lasting relationships and maintain a reputation for excellence in recruitment services.

"Lauren and her team are dedicated professionals--truly committed to understanding our needs and working as a partner."

T. Carter |  Corporate Director of Human Resources, Wixom, MI 

"Lauren and her team are so awesome, they are are my first call when I need help filling a vacancy."

D. Plank | HR Manager | Huntsville, AL

"Last year, I was fortunate enough to receive multiple job offers; I wanted to make sure I made the best decision for my career and my family. I reached out to Lauren and she steered me through this important decision. I accepted the right position with confidence."

E. Marlene | Division Vice President, Group Strategy 


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Your Partner for Hard-to-Fill Positions



Your Partner for Hard-to-Fill Positions